model Konzert Transistor TR 784

Huge and heavy radio from the 1960s, this was Koertings biggest radio. It is a deluxe radio with indeed concert hall sound. The supply is 2x4.5V and it employs several printed circuit boards, every stage has its own pcb.


Transistorkofferradio Typ 29969

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Made in Germany 1969 by KÖRTING - Velona was a Dutch company (Vroom & Dreesman) who bought these radios with their own label on it - 6 Telefunken Ge transistors - MW /LW -  5 'D' cells for 7,5V supply - serial#11056.


model unknown

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Vendomatic was a Dutch brandname (Vroom & Dreesman) - AM / FM radio made in Germany by Koerting. 
Model number is unknown, do you know it? Please inform me.

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