model Volltransistor

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Made in Austria ~ 1958 - 6 early RCA transistors of 2N200 series, 2 early Siemens diodes inside - big pcb, with even battery clamps on it for battery types no longer available on the European market - Supply 7,5 V by 5 special cells - ferrit antenna is placed in front of pcb, so cannot be seen from the rear of the radio - good and relatively big 2 Watts Philips speaker inside with huge shielded ferrit magnet - pretty radio with good reception and generous sound.



model UKW

This radio is inside very much like the Forte.
This radio is property of Herm Willems.



model  Forte

AM/FM radio made in Austria in 1960 - it has 1 big pcb covering all of the inside of the radio, making servicability of the radio not very good -  9 transistors made by Philips - AM has LW and MW - high quality 2 Watts Philips speaker inside - supply by 6 D cells giving 9 Volts



model 10TP-920

Made in Japan 10 transistor radio based on the Sony TR-84 radio on my website. This radio is an OTL version. The outside is quite similar to the Airchief radio. Serial # 3020899.



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