model 10


Made in Japan in early 1960s - MW radio -  10 true incircuit working Ge  transistors -  supply by 1X P cell for 9V - nice small radio of good electronic quality,  it has good sound and reception - employs a round speaker!


model Suburbia 12

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Made in Japan  in early 1960s - MW radio - true 12 working transistors -  supply by 4 'AA' cells for 6V - good sound en good reception. -   Also known under other brandnames.

Model 15

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Made in Hong Kong in the 1960s - MW radio -  15 Ge transistors,  only 6 are true incircuit working, so 9 fake transistors with no stamp on the can, this is another transistor radio with too many transistors stated on the case, see other radios like Universal on my website -  supply by 1X P cell for 9V - nice small radio.


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