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Philips CD460 cdplayer



Philips CD player of 2nd generation with excellent performance, made at Philips in Belgium.


Special futures:

Digital output for extern DAC.

CDM-2 turntable mechanism

TDA1541 internal DAC

Remote jack


User Manual:

Click here to download the user manual of the CD460 PDF format




Philips CD460

Disc format: CD

Digital converter: TDA1541

CD Mechanism: CDM-2/10 (or CDM-4/25)

4x oversampling with SAA7220

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 96dB

Channel separation: 93dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%

Line output: max. 2V

Dimensions: 320 x 86 x 300mm

Weight: 3.5kg

Year: 1987


Schematic & service manual:

Click here to download the service manual of the CD460/560 in PDF




This is a good CD player with only a few flaws.

After many years there are some electrolytic capacitors to exchange, the blue Philips 47µF/25V caps are way out of specs.
All other caps usually are still within specs and do not need to be replaced.
On the servo-pcb there are also one to three of these blue caps to replace, depending on the version, as the picture shows.
Some voltage regulators are not heatsinked and need a small heatsink for best performance.
In some CD460's the used SAA7220 version can get quite hot and can do better with some heatsinking.
The power supply caps need to be checked and replaced if out of specs.
Some CD460 have broken leds in the display, below you see a photo of a after-market unit for the display that will solve that problem.
The CDM2/10 version in this CD460 is a very good cd-turntable, but not the best Philips ever made, the CDM4 in several versions is
he most widely produced and most reliable Philips ever made. The CDM2/10 takes CD-R's easely.
The TDA1541 is a very good DAC.

Very nice is that this early version CD-player has a digital coax output, so its easy to use this player with an external DAC.


^ main pcb


^ bad caps of Philips to be exchanged


^ the bad caps of Philips are exchanged.


^ Another Cap to be replaced on the servo pcb.


Power supply upgraded, heatsinks installed.


^ X-Tal covered, Heatsink on SAA7220.


^ Excellent DAC TDA1541


Philips CDM2/10/03 ^


^ All Philips electrolytic capacitors with less than half the specified value, some only 2µF left of 47.


^ This kind of "upgrade" is not needed, it does not help since the CD460 is not high-end.


New display unit if the old one is broken ^





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