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Luxman 5F70 tone unit



Generously build tone pre amplifier issued in 1977 in the LRS series.


Front ^



Special futures:

Active tone control with extra functions.


User Manual:

Click here to download the owners manual of the 5F70 in PDF format



Click here to download the schematic diagram of the 5F70 in PDF format




The tone-amplifier can be updated by checking pcb's and all capacitors on these pcb-boards.
Many capacitors may be out of specs.
Check if the DML units are the new units we provide on this website.
If you have a multi voltage unit, set it to 240 Volt AC if you reside in Europe.
If you have a 120 V version in a 240 V region, its easy to replace the mains transformer, use a torodial model.

Old DML units that need to be replaced for these fine new DML-02's ^

The famous new DML-02: these 'Ultimate Quality DMLs' are only available here on this website.
Order here to update your amplifier.


New parts inside.



Exceptional, unprecedented and powerfull sound, one of the best tone amplifiers ever made.

I drive my updated 5M20 and my 5C50 with the 5F70 and that works fine.







PE1MMK Hans Hilberink, Kent Goldy,  last update:  02-09-2016.