Van Der Heem / Erres  (Holland)

model RA 601 P


Big early radio that leaves a strong impression that it is a copy of the Philips L 3 X 80 T radio, but in fact it is not. Van Der Heem just tried to penetrate the succesfull radio-market of Philips. This radio was also put on the radio-markets under the name of ERRES (see elswhere on my site). The inside setup is quite similar to the Philips radio: a main cassis on top and at the right the LF stage-chassis, there is no pcb, but the electronic schematics are different, also the used transistors. It employs Van Der Heem transistors in the LF section and Hitachi transistors in the HF section. Hitachi made several types  transistors for Van Der Heem, Hitachi made transistors for many brands, like RCA (see the Fleetwood radio). This radio has a stamp on the chassis that tells us: "GECONTROLEERD door Mittemeyer", so Mr. or Mrs. Mittemeyer did the final test of this radio. Serial # 10084. Supply by 6 'D'cells for 9V, it takes an average current of 12 mA, so says the factory label. I think it is from 1958 / 1959.

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model 1280

Made by Philips.



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