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Introduction of The Tannoy Monitor Gold Website

*Introducing the "Tannoy Monitor Gold website" ®
*Copyrights information of the Tannoy Monitor Gold website ©
*The website of Jim Donahue (hosted by the Tannoy Monitor Gold Website)


Tannoy driver & cabinet model information

*More info on the Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers
*How it came to a Tannoy Monitor Gold
*Tannoy Lancaster cabinet  
*More info on the K38X8 speakers
Tannoy HPD - series
*Tannoy SGM/SRM - series
*Tannoy T - series 
*Tannoy time compensated series
*Tannoy DC series 1987
*Tannoy DMT - series
*Tannoy CPA - series
*Tannoy FSM - series    
*Tannoy Sixes - series   
*Tannoy S - series
*Tannoy PP - series
*Tannoy Defenition - series
*Tannoy Professional Monitors
*Tannoy HiFi Loudspeakers 
*Our new Tannoy baby 
*Tannoy Prestige series
*Tannoy Surrey series 
*Tannoy RHR 
*Tannoy Belvedere
*Tannoy Eclipse & Mercury

*Tannoy Glenair
*Tannoy Wildcats
*Tannoy Series 90
*Tannoy Sixes Profile series
*Database of all Tannoy driver models and cabinet models


  The sound people


Tannoy DIY cabinets & design information

*Some cabinet designs for Tannoy speakers
*Hans' closed cabinets
*Stephen Wangensteen's ported cabinets
*Dan Cramer's ported cabinets
*Marek's transmissionline cabinets
*Chris' horn cabinets
*Laurent's horn cabinets   
*Jean's closed cabinets (updated)
*Volker's horn cabinets
*Volker's reflex cabinets
Dew's ported cabinets 
*Jeffrey's Lambda cabinets
*Paolo's reflex cabinets
*Patrick's cabinets     
*Jeff's DIY cabinets
*Bill's GRF cabinets
*Laurent's Tannoy SRM reflex cabinets
*Paolo Dal Col's Tannoy R-GRF cabinets 
*Mr. Green's Westminsters
*Elric's ported cabinets  
*Ton's modified Berkeleys 
*Marc's Tannoy 15' LF speaker
*Philippe's Tannoy 15' LF speaker
*Bert's Tannoy model DMT copy's 
Nguyenanhson's Tannoy HPD 315 speakers
*Johnny's homemade Eatons
*Marcus diy Berkeley cabinets
*Alexanders diy Tannoy 1200 SE
*Alexanders diy Tannoy System 800 SE 
*Murats Ardens with HPD385 
Karls 300 L diy Monitor Gold cabinets
*Franks 180 L diy Tannoy cabinets
*Ian's 12' HPD diy cabinets
*Tom's DIY Amesbury cabinets with HPD385
*Tannoys according to Manley
*Tannoys according to Schoenbohm
*Hans' supertweeter project
*Bert & Johannes supertweeter project  
*Dew's Tannoy feet   
*Karl's Tannoy III LZ project
*Franks Tannoy 215 DMT Project    
*Jon's Tannoy dual HPD GRF-R Project
*Jim's Tannoy journey (ms.word format size 4 Mb)
*Lewis DIY projects  (PDF format size 1 Mb)
*Andrews GRF-R horn story
Andrews GRF corner horn story
*Renzo's ISA corner speakers 
*Phil Short's 200L cabinets
*Marco's HPD315 cabinets
*Leon's HPD385 reflex cabinets
*John's 15 DMT II cabinets
*Menno's RHR cabinets                 
*Meinderts HPD315 project (in PDF format size 1,5 Mb) 
*Tannoy Vintage Box  By Sebi (in PDF format size 3 Mb)
*Paul Coupe's Tannoy HPD315 project (in PDF)
*Yoram's Tannoy Stirling cabinet stands
*Saving Tannoy Sensys 6' DC speakers from death
*More photos of cabinets by Tannoy Yahoogroup members
*Sound Practice - horn article (PDF format)
*Tannoy in Moskow



Tannoy technical & modification information

*The modification of my Monitor Gold 15's
*The sonic results of this modification
*Tannoy HPD315 conversion to MG12
*Tech-manual Tannoy HPD-series in zip-format 1Mb
*Tech-manual Tannoy model K38X8 in zip-format 2Mb
*Tannoy model HPD 385 disassembly 
*Tannoy Monitor Gold 10' magnet disassembly 
*Tannoy chassis plug upgrade
*Tannoy "Time delay unit"
*Tannoy foam surround repair
*Tannoy Monitor Red x-over schematics

*Tannoy Monitor Gold x-over schematics
*Tannoy HPD 385 x-over schematics
*Tannoy HPD 315 x-over schematics

Tannoy HPD 295 x-over schematics  
*Tannoy SRM 12 x-over schematics
*Tannoy NFM8 x-over schematics 

Tannoy RHR x-over schematics   
Tannoy Glenair x-over schematics
*Tannoy DMT2-15 x-over schematics
*Tannoy DMT2-12 x-over schematics
*Tannoy Monitor Gold T&S parameters
*Tannoy HPD 385 & HPD 315 T&S parameters
*Tannoy HPD 295 T&S parameters 
*Tannoy SRM 12 T&S parameters
*Tannoy 2000 series T&S parameters 
*Tannoy K2558 T&S parameters

*Tannoy SRM owners manual zip-format 400 Kb
*Tannoy SRM 1000 manual zip-format 300 Kb
*Tannoy Buckingham manual zip-format 6 Mb

*Tannoy K-series chassis technical info
*Tannoy SGM 12  techinfo

*Tannoy XO 5000 manual + pics zip-format 1.6 Mb
*Tannoy XO 5000 technical manual

*Tannoy Surrey series techinfo in PDF format
*Tannoy HPD series  techinfo + cabinetinfo (zip format)  
*Tannoy DMT series  techinfo (PDF format)
*Tannoy DMT 15  techinfo (PDF format)
*Tannoy "Monitor Series" NFM2 to DMT215 manual (PDF format)
*Tannoy Sytem 600A service manual (PDF format) 
*Tannoy Sytem 800 x-over info
*Tannoy T165 x-over 1004 schematic diagram
*Tannoy PS 350 B manual

*Tannoy HPD-315 Dataset (by Meindert)
*Tannoy GRF PRO plans (by Enrico)
*Tannoy Autograph blueprints  
*Tannoy active crossover design and suggestions by J. Ridley

*Karls Tannoy active crossover construction
*Software response simulations on Reds and Golds by J.Ridley
*Tannoy supertweeter paper in pdf format 
*Kurt Chang's Tannoy model 3836 driver repair
*DIY 300 Litre cabinet design for Tannoy 12' and 15' models
*DIY 700 Litre cabinet design for Tannoy 12' and 15' models

*Time delay report by Alex Garner (PDF format)
*Mails by Alex Garner to Mr. Green
*Measurements on Laurent's HPD 385's in R-GRF cabs
*Laurents Decca London x-overs
*Measurements on Zvonimir 's HPD 385's in Arden cabs
*Tannoy different DIY terminal solution by Jesper Rosendahl
Phil Short's 38XX x-over modification 
*Phil Short's improved 3828/39 x-over
*Tannoy Sixes manual (zip format 1Mb)
*Tannoy Sixes 623 manual
*Tannoy Sixes chassis technical information
*Tannoy Lynx x-over schematic

*Tannoy ICT Series 
*Tannoy Sixes 611 repair & modification project 
*Tannoy Sixes 609 modification
Tannoy Mercury repair & x-over update 
*Tannoy Definition series T&S + info
*Tannoy ? Speaker Cable
*Charles Hughes of Peavy © horn-paper (PDF format)
*Wave pattern interference matrix
*Measurements on KEF speakers
*Competitor dualconcentric speakers information
*Reviews of Tannoys and other audio products
*Review of Perkune RCA-type interconnect cable
*Tannoy & Luxman files in Kindle e-book file format

Vintage & related Tannoy Monitor Gold information

*Reviews of vintage Tannoy products
*Tannoy ST100 supertweeter review
*Hi-Fi World article 12-1998
*Hi-Fi World article 09-1991
*Studiosound article 1990
*Stereoplay article Tannoy Westminster SE, 07-2007 in PDF
Some history of Tannoy in zip-format 1Mb
*More history of Tannoy Company Inc.
*Tannoy brochures in zip-format 2Mb
*Tannoy M1000 review (Dutch language) in zip-format 750 Kb 
*Tannoy DTM8 review (Dutch language) in zip-format 160 Kb 
Tannoy promotion & adds
*Tannoy Asian adds (Chinese language) in zip-format 365 Kb
*Tannoy pricelists (Dutch language) of 1971/1978
*Tannoy corner cabinet brochure
*Tannoy 1955 brochure
*Tannoy 1957 brochure
*Tannoy 1968 brochure
*Tannoy Silver brochure
*Tannoy Red brochure
*Tannoy related publications and books
*Tannoy amplifiers
*Tannoy vintage competitors
*Philips vintage speakers
*Tannoy history timetable ad in Japanese
*Vanessa sound systems
*Luxman vintage amplifiers website
*The Leak Stereo 20 amplifier modified
*Transistor amplifiers website
*Other Tannoy vintage products
*Tannoy foghorn on Lundy Island
*Some remarks to planned obsolecence
*Audio sets 


"The Tannoy Monitor Gold website" online services

*Tannoy DIY kits for sale
*Tannoys that are not Tannoys 1
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*Tannoys that are not Tannoys 3
*Tannoy - Luxman & audio gear for sale
*Tannoys wanted & for sale forum
*Send a file to the Tannoy Monitor Gold website (option 1)
*Send a file to the Tannoy Monitor Gold website (option 2)
*European Union ALERT
*Safe Tannoy trading guidelines
*Tannoys blacklist
*Tannoy and other interesting links
*Tannoy Yahoo group
Luxman Yahoo group
*Copyrights notice of this Tannoy site
* visit Tannoy Monitor Gold on Facebook
*Time left to make a fool of yourself ;-)

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