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What makes Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers so special?

The Tannoy Monitor Gold feature a Dual-Concentric speaker unit that is fitted with an external crossover.
Dual-Concentric speakers are unique in design: they have a bass unit with a tweeter located in the centre.
Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers are still considered by many to be the best speaker ever made.
They are particularly popular with Jazz lovers who covet the open and transparent midrange that
Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers produce. Many Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers were sold in cabinets made
by a third-party company, donít let that put you off, these cabinets may be superior to the Tannoy cabinets.


Introduction of The Tannoy Monitor Gold Website

*Introducing the "Tannoy Monitor Gold website"
*Copyrights information of the Tannoy Monitor Gold website
*The website of Jim Donahue (hosted by the Tannoy Monitor Gold Website)


Tannoy driver & cabinet model information

*More info on the Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers
*How it came to a Tannoy Monitor Gold
*Tannoy Lancaster cabinet  
*More info on the K38X8 speakers
Tannoy HPD - series
*Tannoy SGM/SRM - series
*Tannoy T - series 
*Tannoy time compensated series
*Tannoy DC series 1987
*Tannoy DMT - series
*Tannoy CPA - series
*Tannoy FSM - series    
*Tannoy Sixes - series   
*Tannoy S - series
*Tannoy PP - series
*Tannoy Defenition - series
*Tannoy Professional Monitors
*Tannoy HiFi Loudspeakers 
*Our new Tannoy baby 
*Tannoy Prestige series
*Tannoy Surrey series 
*Tannoy RHR 
*Tannoy Belvedere
*Tannoy Eclipse & Mercury

*Tannoy Glenair
*Tannoy Wildcats
*Tannoy Series 90
*Tannoy Sixes Profile series
*Database of all Tannoy driver models and cabinet models


  The sound people


Tannoy DIY cabinets & design information

*Some cabinet designs for Tannoy speakers
*Jignesh Tannoy Autograph design 
*Hans' closed cabinets
*Tannoy Cornetta plans article
*Stephen Wangensteen's ported cabinets
*Dan Cramer's ported cabinets
*Marek's transmissionline cabinets
*Chris' horn cabinets
*Laurent's horn cabinets   
*Jean's closed cabinets (updated)
*Volker's horn cabinets
*Volker's reflex cabinets
Dew's ported cabinets 
*Jeffrey's Lambda cabinets
*Paolo's reflex cabinets
*Patrick's cabinets     
*Jeff's DIY cabinets
*Bill's GRF cabinets
*Laurent's Tannoy SRM reflex cabinets
*Paolo Dal Col's Tannoy R-GRF cabinets 
*Mr. Green's Westminsters
*Elric's ported cabinets  
*Ton's modified Berkeleys 
*Marc's Tannoy 15' LF speaker
*Philippe's Tannoy 15' LF speaker
*Bert's Tannoy model DMT copy's 
Nguyenanhson's Tannoy HPD 315 speakers
*Johnny's homemade Eatons
*Marcus diy Berkeley cabinets
*Alexanders diy Tannoy 1200 SE
*Alexanders diy Tannoy System 800 SE 
*Murats Ardens with HPD385 
Karls 300 L diy Monitor Gold cabinets
*Franks 180 L diy Tannoy cabinets
*Ian's 12' HPD diy cabinets
*Tom's DIY Amesbury cabinets with HPD385
*Tannoys according to Manley
*Tannoys according to Schoenbohm
*Hans' supertweeter project
*Bert & Johannes supertweeter project  
*Dew's Tannoy feet   
*Karl's Tannoy III LZ project
*Franks Tannoy 215 DMT Project    
*Jon's Tannoy dual HPD GRF-R Project
*Jim's Tannoy journey (ms.word format size 4 Mb)
*Lewis DIY projects  (PDF format size 1 Mb)
*Andrews GRF-R horn story
Andrews GRF corner horn story
*Renzo's ISA corner speakers 
*Phil Short's 200L cabinets
*Marco's HPD315 cabinets
*Leon's HPD385 reflex cabinets
*John's 15 DMT II cabinets
*Menno's RHR cabinets                 
*Meinderts HPD315 project (in PDF format size 1,5 Mb) 
*Tannoy Vintage Box  By Sebi (in PDF format size 3 Mb)
*Paul Coupe's Tannoy HPD315 project (in PDF)
*Yoram's Tannoy Stirling cabinet stands
*Saving Tannoy Sensys 6' DC speakers from death
*More photos of cabinets by Tannoy group members
*Sound Practice - horn article (PDF format)




Tannoy technical & modification information

*The modification of my Monitor Gold 15's
*The sonic results of this modification
*Tannoy HPD315 conversion to MG12
*Tech-manual Tannoy HPD-series in zip-format 1Mb
*Tech-manual Tannoy model K38X8 in zip-format 2Mb
*Tannoy model HPD 385 disassembly 
*Tannoy Monitor Gold 10' magnet disassembly 
*Tannoy chassis plug upgrade
*Tannoy "Time delay unit"
*Tannoy foam surround repair
*Tannoy Monitor Red x-over schematics

*Tannoy Monitor Gold x-over schematics
*Tannoy HPD 385 x-over schematics
*Tannoy HPD 315 x-over schematics

Tannoy HPD 295 x-over schematics  
*Tannoy SRM 12 x-over schematics
*Tannoy NFM8 x-over schematics 

Tannoy RHR x-over schematics   
Tannoy Glenair x-over schematics
*Tannoy DMT2-15 x-over schematics
*Tannoy DMT2-12 x-over schematics
*Tannoy Monitor Gold T&S parameters
*Tannoy HPD 385 & HPD 315 T&S parameters
*Tannoy HPD 295 T&S parameters 
*Tannoy SRM 12 T&S parameters
*Tannoy 2000 series T&S parameters 
*Tannoy K2558 T&S parameters

*Tannoy SRM owners manual zip-format 400 Kb
*Tannoy SRM 1000 manual zip-format 300 Kb
*Tannoy Buckingham manual zip-format 6 Mb

*Tannoy K-series chassis technical info
*Tannoy SGM 12  techinfo

*Tannoy XO 5000 manual + pics zip-format 1.6 Mb
*Tannoy XO 5000 technical manual

*Tannoy Surrey series techinfo in PDF format
*Tannoy HPD series  techinfo + cabinetinfo (zip format)  
*Tannoy DMT series  techinfo (PDF format)
*Tannoy DMT 15  techinfo (PDF format)
*Tannoy "Monitor Series" NFM2 to DMT215 manual (PDF format)
*Tannoy Sytem 600A service manual (PDF format) 
*Tannoy Sytem 600 x-over info
*Tannoy Sytem 800 x-over info
*Tannoy Ascot T-145 report
*Tannoy Chester T-165 repair & X-OVER #1004 schematic diagram
*Tannoy PS 350 B manual

*Tannoy HPD-315 Dataset (by Meindert)
*Tannoy GRF PRO plans (by Enrico)
*Tannoy Autograph blueprints  
*Tannoy active crossover design and suggestions by J. Ridley

*Karls Tannoy active crossover construction
*Software response simulations on Reds and Golds by J.Ridley
*Tannoy supertweeter paper in pdf format 
*Kurt Chang's Tannoy model 3836 driver repair
*DIY 300 Litre cabinet design for Tannoy 12' and 15' models
*DIY 700 Litre cabinet design for Tannoy 12' and 15' models

*Time delay report by Alex Garner (PDF format)
*Mails by Alex Garner to Mr. Green
*Measurements on Laurent's HPD 385's in R-GRF cabs
*Laurents Decca London x-overs
*Measurements on Zvonimir 's HPD 385's in Arden cabs
*Tannoy different DIY terminal solution by Jesper Rosendahl
Phil Short's 38XX x-over modification 
*Phil Short's improved 3828/39 x-over
*Tannoy Sixes manual (zip format 1Mb)
*Tannoy Sixes 623 manual
*Tannoy Sixes chassis technical information
*Tannoy Lynx x-over schematic

*Tannoy ICT Series 
*Tannoy Sixes 611 repair & modification project 
*Tannoy Sixes 609 modification
*Tannoy Mercury MK2 info (pdf)
Tannoy Mercury repair & x-over update 
*Tannoy Definition series T&S + info
*Tannoy ? Speaker Cable
*Charles Hughes of Peavy © horn-paper (PDF format)
*Wave pattern interference matrix
*Measurements on KEF speakers
*Competitor dualconcentric speakers information
*Reviews of Tannoys and other audio products
*Review of Perkune RCA-type interconnect cable
*Tannoy & Luxman files in Kindle e-book file format

Vintage & related Tannoy Monitor Gold information

*Reviews of vintage Tannoy products
*Tannoy ST100 supertweeter review
*Hi-Fi World article 12-1998
*Hi-Fi World article 09-1991
*Studiosound article 1990
*Stereoplay article Tannoy Westminster SE, 07-2007 in PDF
Some history of Tannoy in zip-format 1Mb
*Tannoy brochures in zip-format 2Mb
*Tannoy M1000 review (Dutch language) in zip-format 750 Kb 
*Tannoy DTM8 review (Dutch language) in zip-format 160 Kb 
Tannoy promotion & adds
*Tannoy Asian adds (Chinese language) in zip-format 365 Kb
*Tannoy pricelists (Dutch language) of 1971/1978
*Tannoy corner cabinet brochure
*Tannoy 1955 brochure
*Tannoy 1957 brochure
*Tannoy 1968 brochure
*Tannoy Silver brochure
*Tannoy Red brochure
*Tannoy related publications and books
*Tannoy amplifiers
*Tannoy vintage competitors
*Philips vintage speakers
*Tannoy history timetable ad in Japanese
*Vanessa sound systems
*Luxman vintage amplifiers website
*The Leak Stereo 20 amplifier modified
*Transistor amplifiers website
*Other Tannoy vintage products
*Tannoy foghorn on Lundy Island
*Some remarks to planned obsolecence
*Audio sets 


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*Tannoy DIY kits for sale
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*Tannoys blacklist
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*European Union ALERT
*Tannoy discussion group
Luxman discussion group
*Copyrights notice of this Tannoy site

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